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Im lying awake, at three. Little else to do but wait. I never had her when I wanted her, now shes here every night. Home from college, which seems to change everything. Hot night. Sweltering night. The humidity nulls any relief my open window can provide. Im sweating, under my single sheet. My watch two fifty-one, exactly. Shell be here any minute now. I lie down, and dream of old things.

I saw her there, running across the fields, high school girl. Hair dyed green, which caught my eye. Shes bubbly, and cute. Short, but supple. Fleshy legs, pale skin. Impish smile, freckles all over. I did not see her all over at first.

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But college changes everything.
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Best time ever, she whispers between breaths.

Youre too good, I respond, smiling vaguely.

Hey, I can move when Ive got something to run for. All ready?

Yeah you think we could I begin. Shes already pulling up my shirt.

Could what? I love it the way we do it now. Her inflection is that of a schoolgirl, pussy shaved and strethced to get her way. Cmon blowup doll, you love it too.

Shes right of course. I love it. Hell, I dream about it, girls shaving photos I get it every night. I hesitate, my bare chest now exposed for her. She sits down on my bed, and crosses her legs.

Take it off lemme shaved balls pics it. Her eyes light up with genuine sparkle.

I pull off my pants, revealing my erect dick and the rest of me too. Pre-cum is already sparkling at the tip.

Mmmm shaved head pics love it. Now clean me up, she says, shutting her eyes. I caress her cheek with my fingers. Come on! she whines, jiggling her whole body. I kiss the tip of her nose.
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Her eyes are still shut, and I kiss her eyelids. My kisses travel down her face, catching the side of her lips. She does not respond. I kneel before her, and undo the bottom few buttons of her shirt, and push aside the soft material. Her shorts are very skimpy, the legs barely rate shaved pussy than her waist. I kiss the naked flesh of her tummy, and roll my tongue into her navel. Shes getting hotter, and shes sweating again. I lick her all the way up to her ribs, then down to slightly inside her shorts. She wraps her legs around my back. The feel of her sweaty flesh on mine is a joy. I unbutton the rest of her shirt, and brush it off her body. I kiss her breasts, under her bra, which is the color of pictures of shaved cunts a dull brown. My kisses grow more and more frantic, all over her chest. I squeeze her sides as she squeezes mine. We stick to each other from the sweat on our nearly nude bodies, and Im breathing so hard now. Pressure is rising in my dick, in my stomach, as I lick her neck. I stand and kiss her mouth, exploring every inch with my tongue. She does not try to kiss back. Shes caught up in the moment, caught up in her Zen-like state of immersion. I kiss her fiercely, my cock driven between her warm legs, her shorts so wonderful against it. I finish my kiss and stand her up. The shorts fall to the ground. Her panties match her bra, and they cling perfectly to her ass, so wet with sweat and her own arousal. She smells like musk now, her skin freshly licked and her pussy so dripping with need.


I stop for a second, and push her away. She falls onto the bed, and sits up, her eyes wide with curious anger.

Hey! What the hells the matter with you?

I Im really not sure. I dont like this any more. It its

What? She still looks wonderful just shaving pubic shaving no pubic hair there in her underwear, those panties just shave pictures visible between her crossed legs. Why I I know you like it

I do, I do like it, but shit, why dont you respond to me? Huh? Why dont you touch me at all?

I touch you silly

Yeah, but you dont take the initiative at all. You sit there and accept beautiful shaved pussy Why?

She looks at me, shave sex not understanding. Because you like it this way. And I always enjoy it too. Are we in love?

Im caught off guard by her free pics of tight shaved pussy What why do you say

Are we in love? Answer my question. I run over here every night and we fuck our brains out and why do we do it? Are we in love?
adult shaving I dont think we are.

Fine. Then I should enjoy pubic hair shaving pubic shaving for what it is. Right?


And all youve ever wanted to do is fuck me. Thats shaved pussy galleries we broke up in high school. Her fire. Her fire is rising. I didnt want to have sex with you but you wanted me and now youre getting exactly what you want. You can please me. You can pick me right up off my feet and shaving wet pussy me directly to the point of no goddamn return just like you always wanted shaving pussy techniques And I like it.

Then why dont shaved girls respond to anything? Why dont you try to make me feel good?

Because I like to just sit here and accept things as they happen. I like to be fucked. You like to fuck. Thats why I come here all the time. We complete each other. She licks sweat off her lips. Seconds ago that pink tongue was in my mouth. I keep thinking that as she talks. And maybe that means something

I think youre being selfish.

Im maximizing my pleasure. shaved pussy picture not in love so were having sex for pleasure, right? And Im not having sex with anyone else because I know you. You like to please. Thats sweet, and I need that.

Well I need to accept pleasure too sometimes. I want to be on top, so to speak, for once. I want to try it that way.

She looks into my eyes, through them, and into my mind. She nods softly at first, and hops to her feet and nods again. Unsmiling, she kisses my lips so softly, a babys kiss. She puts her arm around my waist and whispers

Cmon then. Ill do this once.

And we walk out of my stuffy room, myself totally nude, and she clad in her bra, panties, and socks. We walk to my front door, open it quietly, shaved interracial not to wake the others in the house, and slip outside. My breath speeds up as I realize with a flash that I am outside, away from the privacy and safety of the house, naked and defenseless. And at the same time, its relieving, as the air shaved pussy sample a cool gold and shaven which feels wonderful on my sweaty skin, so sensual on my aroused penis, coupled with her naked arm around me. We walk softly, so the rocks on the road dont hurt our feet.

Whos that girl you used to tell me about? she asks.

What girl?

The one you liked to watch... you know in the bushes.

Oh. Kirsty. free shaved pussy photos
Yeah. I used to think you were such a perv. Look whos talking, huh?

We chuckle together, and she squeezes me a little tighter. sex free teen shave I look down and the smile she should have has already faded. Total shaved girls seriousness marks her next question.

She lives shaved vagina pics detail here, right?


Lets go.

Kirsty lived in a large house up my street and over to the left. It was a ranch home, with large picture windows. One of which provided an excellent portal into her room. She rarely drew the shades, and I had spent many a night creeping near the window, waiting for her to come home from a long night of partying usually and drunkenly strip off most, and on glorious nights, all off her clothing. She was my placebo. I knew the way into her yard by heart.

I havent done this in a while, I began.

You remember.

Im thrilled beneath my fear. Im walking totally naked into a girls yard, to do who knows what. Its its wonderful. Its flawlessly exhilarating. It empowers me more than anything else ever has. Another heavenly breeze washes me with her sweet breath as we approach Kirstys window. No shades, of course. The two of us peer in. I am actually shaking with anticipation. We press ourselves to the glass, to get the best look. She seems almost as intent as I am her breasts in bra are smooshed up against the glass. I press my dick, now standing totally straight up, against shaved girls the glass, adding an extra bolt of cool energy. Moonlight licks the room inside.

Kirsty lies in bed, in all her glory. She breathes slowly, snoring a bit every so often. Her single, silk blanket lays across only her left leg. Kirsty is gorgeous, with curly brown hair strewn about on her pillow. The stars catch light off of the peach lip-gloss on her full mouth. Her skin female pubic shaving is a deep olive, so smooth and tempting. Her breasts are huge sample shaved pussy picts totally natural, nearly falling out of her hot pink sports bra, as her chest swells up with each satisfied night breath. I inhale free big tite shaved pussy pics as my eyes caress her downward. The cover shields much of her waist as well as the single nude photos of sexy shaved blonde girls but her right hip reveals the almost invisible lip of a lemon-drop yellow thong. She also wears shaved bbw pussy socks she once told me her grandmother knitted them for her she wears female pubic shaving for good luck, even in summer, brown, and so big they run up to almost her knees. The left one, however, is hanging off her foot halfway. I gasp as a strong gust invigorates my entire body, and I notice a line of pre-cum running from my dick to the window as I back away.

Why are we why are we doing this? I stammer.

Shh. Shes behind me now. Dont think about me. Her hand softly explores the crack of my ass, and her fingertips slowly ascend my back. The worst thing you can do now is think of me. React to me. Help me if you shaved girls but pussies shaved slits not to respond directly to me. Think about her.

Her hands dance up my chest, quickly and slowly, and I decide to follow her orders and look forward. I watch Kirsty breathe. I close my eyes, and her hands seem to work in unison with the wind. My body grows hot again even as the air cools it slightly, and the contrast is marvelous. I concentrate. I see Kirstys nipples are hard under her bra. Her chest heaves in a great yawn, and I feel my girls tongue on my back. She licks me softly, up and down, and my breathing is faster and faster. I close my eyes and imagine. I see Kirsty standing before me. She smiles and removes her no, no, she rips off her bra. Her boobs bounce free. Always smiling she licks the palms of her hands oh so slowly with her long tongue. I can feel I can feel her in front of sluts with shaved cunts now, her tongue sliding up and down my legs, that tan bra rubbing against my knees. I concentrate more on my vision of Kirsty. Her hands are wet with saliva now, and she rubs those awesome breasts all over till shaving the male pubic area are wet and red. She pinches the large purple nipples, her eyes slamming shut in ecstasy. My minds eye goes downward, and her fat shaved pussies are spread convicted prostitution head shave wide, so wide, that blinding yellow thong tight against her pussy, hot wetness softly trickling onto her thighs. I see I

Shes in my mouth. My arms instinctively squeeze her shave puss she kisses me deeply and fully. I am obedient and do not respond in the least, and her tongue explores ever nook and cranny of my mouth. I absorb her power, her lust, and her need to please me. I look down to see her bare back, and notice for the first time humping a shaved pre her own, little breasts are scrunched against me, as she kisses my neck.

No looking, she whines, that schoolgirl tone again, in between kisses. She reaches her foot up behind her back, and snatches off one sock with a free hand. Shes behind me again, and swiftly ties the sock around my eyes, blindfolding me. I can see nothing at all. She sits me down on Kirstys windowsill. And does nothing. I keep dreaming anyway. Shes running through those endless green fields, all of her underwear so visible through her uniform. Shes that unattainable goal, my Holy Grail. The glass is so damn cool on my back as I sit. I feel her on me now. He knees on my lap. Her body twists and her legs are suddenly around my shaved asian gallery Shes upside down on me, as I feel her tits on my chest, those tiny balls of flesh. And in a glorious single movement, she takes my whole shaved girls penis vagina shaving her mouth. Her body writhes and curls around me clean shave girls she sucks my dick as hard as she can. I smell her musk all over my face, her thighs and the wet fabric of her panties smother my face, intoxicating me fully. I cannot see, but I imagine her enveloping my body. I breathe more and more deeply, filling myself with her sexual scent, letting her teasing tongue her inviting mouth her squishy body and strong legs become one in a zone of total pleasure for me.

I am so shave free pics with her attention, with the night air, with Kirstys breathing behind us, I dont cum. I should have cum minutes ago, but I didnt. I want this pleasure to last, to last forever, to sit and take all that is giver to me. And she furiously blows me upside-down for what has to be ten minutes. Maybe twenty. My face is so sticky with her own moist arousal. Finally, she rolls off me. My dick is suddenly vagina shaved shaved pubic bondage being in her mouth for so long and suddenly in the summers air again. She pulls the shaved pics off me, and I see her red, flushed face gasping in air. I am stunned by how much she has worked, and her mouth and face are moist with her own saliva and my pre-cum.

Turn around, she orders.
wives with shaved pussies comply, and hear her rustle behind me. I gaze into the window, and Kirsty has rolled over in her sleep. Her amazing, juicy ass in totally exposed, with only the thinnest touch of glowing yellow accentuating it. I devour the flawless lines on her thighs, so perfectly connected to those ass cheeks. From behind me, I am blinded again. From the moistness, I know its her panties, now off, and pushed into my face. I shut my eyes as tightly as I can, and inhale the deepest and most powerful breaths shave pics ever took, sucking in every drop of her feminine smell, her free shaved pics of sex. I feel her in front of me now. I catch a quick glimpse between her fingers, and see she is now standing on the windowsill, her ass pressed against the glass, her pussy fully shaved and red and waiting. I move forward, blinded again, and she mounts me, like climbing onto a horse.

It all hits me at once. We are two young people, barely out of our teens. We are standing in a yard. We are fucking, standing up, in front of a window. Anyone can walk by and see us. I dont care. I dont care at all. Im alive, so alive that Im sure I must die at any moment. I dont fuck her she rolls and bounces for me. Her panties are gone now and I dont care. I see nothing but joy.

I am the only person in the world.

Only. Only.

I cum without a sound, as no sound could fit the moment right. I dont breathe. In the back of my head, in some other universe perhaps, I feel tears stream down my face.
women shaving guide in an instant, I am back to reality.

I softly lift her off me, and hug her. I am relieved to find that she hugs back, and plants a shaving hair, pubic male on my chest. We leave her clothes behind, and walk naked and tired and stumbling back to my house.

Back to my bed. I sit down, exhausted.

So how was it? she asks, pulling her pajamas back onto her dripping flesh.

That was, without a doubt, the single greatest experience of my life.

Yeah. Yeah, I know. Same for me.

An awkward silence.

You know, she says, I cant come here anymore.

I recoil. Why? Wasnt I good enough I mean

No. You liked it. Just like I liked it my first time. Now you cant be giving like you were before.


Im Im sorry. But you know how good it is now. I need someone who can give without knowing how nice it is to receive.

I look downward. Who else is there?

I dont know. Someone I hope. You you gave like no one else. Maybe I was cruel, but you wanted me so much you you just gave like no one else.

Her shoes are on minus socks. She is starting to crawl through the window.

I I think I can still give. I can ladies that dont shave I grasp for words. Because Im the same way. I cant give to anyone like I gave to you.

She looks back at me. I continue.

And and maybe you cant give to anyone else like you gave to me. Maybe you wanted to give to me back in legs in pantyhose school and and now you can maybe. Maybe.


Her lips move. Nothing comes out. They move again.

Maybe. Maybe Ill be back. shaved pubic hair trends in hollywood
And shes shaving and bikini line the window and running.

I lay back, so tired on my bed. I think I feel tears, different shaved sex vigina the ones before, welling up, but they wont fall. Maybe shell be back.

I need her back.

Sugar baby.